Cleaning Services

In-Ground Pool Cleans 

Sign-up for regular cleanings once or twice a week depending on size of pool and how often it is used. Rates start at $140 per month plus tax; chemicals are additional. If you prefer a flat rate for chemicals so you don't have a variable monthly bill, we have plans starting at $180 per month plus tax. (We do not install or repair vinyl liners, and above-ground pools are best serviced by a company that does.)

Green to Clean

Do you need your pool transformed from green to clean? We can do it in 24 hours from start to finish. The typical cost is $595.  

Short-term Pool Cleans

Going on vacation and don't want your pool to turn green? Give us a call to take care of it while you're gone. Rates start at $35/week.

Filter Cleans

It's recommended you have your filter cleaned at least annually in the spring for DE filters and  more often for cartridge filters. Let us take care of that for you for $100.

Tile Cleans

If your tile is looking dull, it's probably due to a calcium buildup. We can clean it at a labor rate of $80/hour plus materials.

Heater Cleans

It's recommended you have your heater cleaned annually in the fall.  The cost is $80.

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